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Elk Grove, CA – (April 6, 2020). Due to the uncertainty of the timelines for the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Kyle Larson’s Outlaw Kart Showcase, scheduled for June 8 – 9, has been canceled for 2020. Cycleland Speedway, where the event is held annually, and Larson regret that the current world situation has led to the cancelation of the biggest event in Outlaw Kart racing.

“With the many unknowns in the NASCAR Cup Series schedule, the effect the current environment has on our plan for the Showcase and, most importantly, considering the sponsors, competitors and spectators safety, we feel it’s in everyone’s best interest to cancel the event and prepare for next year,” said Larson.

“It’s an adverse situation that we are in,” said Cycleland promoter Lowell Moural, “and Kyle, his parents and the rest of our Showcase team, we all came to the conclusion that this was the best for all interests. Canceling our biggest race of the year is not what anyone wants, but with the current state of the progression of the Coronavirus, it is what has to be done, unfortunately.”

For those that have already entered the Showcase, refunds will be sent in the next few days. With Cycleland Speedway currently closed through April due to the California Stay-at-Home order, please check back often to for further information regarding the opening of the track and revised schedule.

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