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2017 Schedule of Events

Monday September 4, 2017

12:00 PM Pit Gate Opens

1:00 PM Box Stock Registration and Qualifying Pill Draw

1:30 PM 250 Intermediate Registration and Qualifying Pill Draw


2:00 PM Open Division Registration and Heat Race Pill Draw

4:00 PM Pit Meeting

5:00 PM Box Stock Hot Laps

250 Intermediate Hot Laps

Open Division Hot Laps

Grouped by Heat Race lineups - half of Heat in one set/other half in next set

Box Stock Qualifying

250 Intermediate Qualifying

National Anthem

Open Division Heats - 10 @ 12 Laps Each

Mystery Feature Eligible Drivers Prep Cars

Box Stock Heats - 2 or 3 @ 10 Laps Each

250 Intermediate Heats – 2 or 3 @ 10 Laps Each

Short Break

Mystery Feature Eligible Drivers Draw

Open Division Mystery Feature - 30 Laps

Tuesday September 5, 2017

12:00 PM Pit Gate Opens

4:00 PM Pit Meeting

5:00 PM Box Stock B-Main Hot Laps

250 Intermediate B-Main Hot Laps

Box Stock A-Main Hot Laps

250 Intermediate A-Main Hot Laps

Open Last Chance Hot Laps

Open C-Main Hot Laps

Open B-Main Hot Laps

Open A-Main Hot Laps including NASCAR and World of Outlaw drivers

Intermission – Interviews - T-Shirt Toss - National Anthem  

Box Stock B-Main – 8 Laps

250 Intermediate B-Main – 8 Laps

Open Division Last Chance Races – 10 Laps Each

Short Intermission - Open Division Dash Draw on Front Stretch

Open Division Timed Hot Lap Sessions for 10 drivers locked into A-Main (but not in dash) and NASCAR & WoO drivers

Open Division David Tarter/Tyler Wolf Memorial Dash for Cash - 8 Laps

Open Division C-Main - 12 Laps

Box Stock A-Main - 20 Laps

Open Division B-Main - 15 Laps

250 Intermediate A-Main - 25 Laps

Short Intermission – T-Shirt Toss - Line Showcase A-Main Cars on Front Straight

On Track Outlaw Kart Showcase Driver Intros and Select Interviews (time permitting)

Open Division A-Main - 50 Laps (w/fuel break near mid-point)

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