Race Format - Open Division

2017 Outlaw Kart Showcase Two-Day Draw Format

Monday September 4

10 Heats – 12 Laps Each   

Random Draw for Heat Race positions. Lowest number drawn starts on pole of H1, second lowest number drawn starts on pole of H2, and so on. All ties in points broken by lowest drawn number.  See PASSING POINTS FORMULA - OPEN DIVISION ONLY 

Winners of each Heat  to Tuesday Showcase A-Main 

Highest point earner in each Heat to Tuesday Showcase A-Main

(If highest point earner also wins Heat the second highest point earner in that Heat also transfers to
Tuesday Showcase A-Main)

1-20 highest in points not making A-Main from Heats to Tuesday Showcase B-Main

21-36 highest in points not making A-Main from Heats to Tuesday Showcase C-Main


Mystery Feature – 30 Laps $1000 To Win

The 56 cars locked into the Tuesday A, B, and C mains are eligible for the Random Draw to place 20 cars into the Monday Mystery Feature.

                8 drivers from the 20 cars locked into Tuesday’s Showcase A-Main will be randomly drawn

                7 drivers from the 20 cars locked into Tuesday’s Showcase B-Main will be randomly drawn

                5 drivers from the 16 cars locked into Tuesday’s Showcase C-Main will be randomly drawn

                After those drivers are determined there will be a random draw for Mystery Feature starting positions


Tuesday September 5          

Last Chance Races – 10 Laps Each 

Each race lined straight up by Heat Points

Winners Only to tail of C-Main

Hot Lap Sessions For A-Main Positions

The 10 drivers locked into the A-Main, but not in the Tarter/Wolf dash, will compete

The NASCAR and World of Outlaw drivers that will be locked into the A-Main will also compete

Timed hot lap sessions with approximately 4 cars in each session for 4 laps

Each driver’s best time will be used to place them in the remaining locked in Showcase A-Main positions

Fastest from Hot Lap Sessions will start 11th in A, 2nd fast will start 12th, 3rd fast will start 13th, and so on

David Tarter/Tyler Wolf Memorial Dash for Cash          10 Cars 8 Laps              Pays $500 to Win / $300 2nd / $200 3rd

Open to 10 highest point earners who transferred to A-Main (Winners of Heats and highest points finisher in each Heat)

Random Draw on Front Stretch for starting position

Finishing order lines up first 5 rows of A-Main

C-Main 22 Cars 12 Laps

Lined Straight Up by Heat Points

Last Chance Race Winners to tail of C-Main

Top 4 to tail of B-Main

B-Main 24 Cars 15 Laps

Lined Straight Up by Heat Points

C-Main Transfers to tail of B-Main with winner starting 21st, 2nd place starting 22nd, and so on.

Top 4 to tail of A-Main

A-Main 30 Cars**- 50 Laps

Dash cars line up first 5 rows based on Dash finishing order

Hot Lap Sessions cars line up behind Dash cars based on fastest times in sessions


B-Main Transfers to tail of A-Main*

Fuel break near mid-point of Race

* If an Open Division B-Main transfer wins the Outlaw Kart Showcase there will be a $1000 bonus for $7000 total to win

** Promoter reserves the right to add provisionals


For Questions /  Contact us at outlawkartshowcase@yahoo.com

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Outlaw Kart Racing Event - Chico, California USA

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